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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

What we do is secret.

Sorry Marilyn... it happened again. I'm too lazy to post. Maybe it's just coz I was too caught up reading Naruto ( a popular Japanese series) manga on net or coz I was slacking too much chatting and then catching my fav America's Next Top Model. So I'll leave the long post for tomorrow to type out.

Anyway, Marilyn, I need to give you all the credit here for redesigning the blog! The design is smashing. All you readers out there... do you agree? For your info, I chose the picture at www.gettyimages.com . Marilyn was such a genius to refer me to that website haha... the pictures there ROCK. They're perfect for blogskins. Anyway, I chose the most kick-ass picture that I possibly could. I just love the picture I chose! I love the tee on the guy that says "what we do is secret" haha... Isn't that just radically cool? Thanks to Marilyn's brilliant designing, it turned out even more grunge and edgier. I'm loving the new look!

All right, I'll be spurred up to update my blog more regularly! I'm glad still that the importance of the contents of my blog is not diminished! That's why our layout is still really reader-friendly in that our text isn't confined to some miserable frame. Oh man. I'm raving non stop about the new design. I'll stop here pronto. Raymond out. Watch out for my post tomorrow!

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