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Thursday, December 16, 2004 

of blogs and journals...

i've been surfing around charmed sites and singaporean-based weblogs and i got kinda exasperated. i don't know how and what exactly was it i got fed up with: the bad quality of bitching or the absence of good writing to fulfill my senses.

singapore is notorious for weblongs overly decorated with singlish, bad grammar (or grammer, gramma, gamma, etc), speling and punctuation. oh, aNd lEtZ nOrT 4gEt oUr aLl tImE fAb sTicKEeeE caPzZzz... *mUacKsSss*. (insert fancy smiley here)

common symptoms of such blogs also are as follows: lacking in real content, oftentimes painful to read and they make you wonder if they had any brains in the first place. as this guy puts it, oftentimes it's about their crushes or boy/girl friends.

i wonder what others thought when they stumbled by these blogs. do they recoil in horror and attempt to find the cross button with eyes firmly clamped closed? or do they laugh at the apparent lack of brains that the majority of these singaporean (mostly girls, but guys are not exempted) people are persistently plagued with?

of the few local blogs with intellectual content (lifeatngeeann being the latest most enjoyable read), almost all groused about the lack of good blogs to read.

notice that of the three blogs i linked, singapore's most popular starbloggers, xiaxue and mr. brown are not included.

i suspect my already inadequate IQ has been dealt with severe damages by the annoying blogs that got me started on this post, which explains why i was unable to appreciate the apparent quality writing that the abovementioned starbloggers painstakingly present to us on an electronic platter. or maybe the things that made such starbloggers stars have diminished as they become more famous.

i do not claim to be naturally smart. after all, my SAT score was a humble 1240. and my PSLE aggregate was certainly not as high as i would like it to be. i'm just a normal girl struggling to rescue what is remaining of her intelligence.

one logical way certainly is to stop reading and avoid such blogs like plague. of course! (i really suspect i turned stupid.. =| ) unfortunately some of these stupid blogs belong to people i call friends and i have no heart to tell them that they are killing my IQ. besides, now that i do not see them much anymore, blogs become one effective way of keeping in touch - like knowing if my friend got bullied by that mean boy in school or whether her pet rabbit died.

but, seriously. after about 12 years of education or more, this is what we can come up with???

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