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Thursday, December 23, 2004 

Future Film Writer on the latest movies he's watched

Ok here's a quick review on the movies I've watched recently:

This show will appeal v strongly to 2 different audiences: 1) those who want to be a man in a uniform or those who are currently men in uniform (e.g. National slaves like me)
2) those who like the look of a man in uniform (or out of it, for that matter). The show is about a new recruit at the Japan Coast Guard's elite school for rescue divers. He's the Cool Guy, and in the mix are Jerky Guy and Nerdy-blur-lovable-but-probably-gonna-die Guy. The recruits go through the usual stuff - male bonding, partying in town, getting to know the local girls, learning lessons about life and love-- what Umizaru lacks in originality it makes up for in exuberance. It's quite touching at times, although this movie employs very very standard techniques in stimulating your tear ducts. As I've said, this film is low on originality. Although there're many serious and poignant moments throughout the movie, it is still high on frivolity.
Rating: 3/5 stars(not bad. deserve to be watched)

Story: About Alexander. (duh?!) There's a brief history on his childhood, teenagehood and this movie also touches on his homosexuality... he has his gay lover (acted by Jared Leto)... and his love for his gay lover supercedes his love for his 3 wives... though his incestuous relationship with the super gorgeous Angelina jolie comes closest to matching the whole gay relationship. There's a lot of crap throughout the whole movie, and the only part that shines in the movie are the battle pieces which showcases Oliver Stone's hyperbolic energy. I actually fell asleep for about 25 minutes. And considering the art house flick buff like me sleeping during a biopic, 'Nuff said.
Rating: 2/5 stars( should be 1.5, but Angelina Jolie pushed it up by half a star)

Ocean's Twelve
Story: Ok so Karma exists, as Ocean's Twelve proves. What goes around comes around, and this time, the guy who got robbed of 160 million dollars is after the 12. He gives them 2 weeks to pay back everything with interest. So the 11 race to execute another super cool, highly sleek heist to steal enough money to return him. In their way is another Master Thief , the 'Night Fox', and the super brilliant detective, acted by Catherine Zeta Jones. It's still a very glamorous production considering the acting calibre and stature of all the stars in it, albeit not as sleekly produced as the first. Still, it's a very cool film, and all the minor lame sub plots in movie can be forgiven.
Rating: 3.5/5 stars ( it's pretty sleek still, but not as good as the first. But Catherine Zeta Jones is enough reason to watch it :D)

Ok... So I'm gonna watch Kung Fu Hustle today... and I'm gonna watch my Before Sunrise VCD finally!!!! It's been 2 months since I've bought it but I've still not watched it. Going to meet up with my cell group mate Alvin for lunch, and watching movie with him. Following that my aunt is going shopping with me to buy my Xmas gift! Hurray!

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