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Sunday, December 19, 2004 

ZZzzzZZZooooooooooooMM!!!! 1 day has passed!

Ok, not a serious post. Just a quick update on my day... so that my dear friends out there will be in touch with my life!

Oh man! Saturday has passed so quickly for me. Got up at 8.30, wanted to do some serious exercising in my hse condo gym ( which is terribly underequipped.) Went back to catch some more shut eye since I decided 8.30 is too early. Got up at 9.30 and went to eat some Famous Amos biscuits for breakfast, grabbed the Life! Section of today's newspaper and went back to my bed to read. That made me really sleepy again. Put my Linkin Park/ Jay-Z Collision Course CD into my walkman and played it for quite a while, with the hopes of it keeping me awake. Unfortunately, that was in vain too because I played it too softly. Grr... should have blasted it out full blast. So, no prizes for guessing. Yes, I went back to sleep and got up at around 12 noon. Wasted 2 and a half hours of my precious morning. Damn, I feel so wasteful. I hate sleeping so much, and I slept at around 1am on friday night. That means 11 hours of sleep! It's waaaay too much for my liking.

Slacked around in front of the computer, downloading and reading Naruto ( a japanese manga series) on my computer. At the same time, I was blogging, blog-surfing, chatting, stoning and reading the papers. Ate a dumpling for breakfast in addition to the Famous Amos biscuits. Also ate another dumpling for my lunch, since i was too lazy to make it down to the coffeeshop to get some food. Slacked till about 6+, bathed, made it down to Parkway for dinner with my 2 best jc friends, Kenneth and Tuan Hee. After some persuasion, they decided to go to Crystal Jade Kitchen with me for dinner. Had a yummilicioius Dumpling Shrimp Noodle and some Stir Fried Horfun with Seafood. Both dishes add up to about 20 bucks without service charge and GST.

Despite their persistent coaxing, I did not waver in my decision not to follow them to KTV. I'm never in KTV mood on saturday nights. Saturday nights are my chill out nights! They're waaaaaaaaaayy too precious to be wasted on KTV. So I went to The Heeren Shops to walk around and just chilled out at HMV... one of my favourite hobbies I must admit. I can just listen and listen to music non-stop. I just love U2's new cd... it's fantastic! I saw this Christian band's cd on display too and was quite surprised... they're called Delirious? and they're rather good. I also love our local band Electrico. Their cd is awesome! If only I had the money to buy all those albums. I was also really looking forward to Fantasia Barrino's album, since she was my favourite contestant on American Idol 3. Unfortunately, I have to say her cd was a little disappointing. It just doesn't showcase her vocals enough and it's such a typical black hip-hop/ R&b album. Still, she has the incredible "Summertime" on the album! It's absolutely awesome.

My wonderful cell group leader Sharon and cell group mate Dale met up with me afterwards, and we had a really nice chat and chill out session at Spinelli cafe since NYDC was packed. It was a refreshing time and I really had a v nice time with them. Went home and on the bus ride, kept playing my Collision Course cd non-stop. Love it to the core! Sat beside my condo's swimming pool for awhile reading my fav magazine, 8-Days... ( yeah I'm into tabloid and gossip, stuff long on frivolity..hehe) and then I decided to take a jog. Blame it on laziness... I only jogged like 10min? It was pathetic. Haha. These days I'm being hit with a overwhelming feeling of inertia. Yeah, blame it on business/laziness/newspapers/outings with friends/tiredness but it takes every single ounce of energy left for me to update my blog. Haha. I must still maintain that I love writing still, it isn't a forced effort for me at all, and it's definitely not a contrived thing. Writing,expressing my thoughts and feelings in words... it's just one of my passions in life. It's just that blog writing can be draining someimes because typing on a keyboard just doesn't seem to have the thereupathic effect on me unlike scribbling on paper. That to me is the novelty of writing. So that explains my inability to update on a super frequent basis. Well I guess 2-3 times a week is already pretty good huh?

Love all you readers out there. Keep tagging guys. Peace out.

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