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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Christmas Crowds

Sorry for the lack of updates and not catching up with my blog reading. Dota addiction is a major impediment and deterrent from me engaging in any blogging related activities. But since Marilyn has bugged me to update, this post is half obligatory, half voluntary. :D

I sometimes wonder the whole idea of Christmas.

To Christians, it is one of the most reverred and anticipated occasions in the entire year. Obviously, it doesn't take a genius to realize that it's the day of celebration on which Christ was born. As such, to people who believe in Him, it's natural there will be some joy that comes along with the occasion, because we're reminded of Christ's sacrifice for mankind.

But I'll save the preaching to the choir.

It's just that in the past few years, I've always felt upset, even mildly repulsed, that people all over the world are celebrating Christmas, and yet do not believe in Christ. Non-Christians are all partaking in the tangible Christmas spirit - a practice that was once oxymoronic - and are in a perpetual celebratory mood during this whole festive season. Merry making, mindless fun, flagrant gluttony, etc.

It's just weird to me why people would want to celebrate Christmas when they're not Christians. It's ok to be in a festive mood, since this is about the end of the year and the new year is about to start, and of course the oft self-delusionary conceptions of new beginnings in the coming new year are the predominant thoughts/sentiments on the minds of people, when often change is determinant on hard work and not whether the new year has started.

As ms beautifuk mentioned, it is totally ridiculous for non Christians to celebrate Christmas, with a rationale along the lines of "Chinese do not celebrate Deepavali, so non-Christians should not celebrate Christmas too".

I think that's rather true, though I'm not in complete agreement. I think its normal to feel cheery and all perked up during the festive season, but to celebrate Christmas without a belief in, or ignorance of its true meaning would be a little weird. If you really wanted gift exchanges, you could have carried out out any time in the year!!! RIDICULOUS!

I'm just praying people will actually start to celebrate Christmas for what it truly is, and understand its real significance, so it doesn't just become a blatant excuse for one to engage in hedonistic behaviour and licentious, overly self-indulgent lifestyles.

These few years, I have my fair share of great presents from my relatives, so I shall not complain too much anyway. But no matter what I receive, it just doesn't seem to compare to the best gift in the whole world - that comes from above, which I'm reminded of everytime time Christmas comes.


Christmas crowds are a serious nightmare. Throngs of people pounding the streets, vehemently and relentlessly scouring shop after shop for presents for friends and family, and of course, themselves.

Too much attention is being given on the presents given. It's like the giving of presents has been conflated with the true purpose of Christmas. The presents are an indication on the giver's part that the receiver is important to him to some degree. But why not just a nice thanksgiving message? I believe sincere, handwritten words sometimes speak more than routine present giving.

I'm going out tomorrow to complete my last minute shopping. HELL NO WAY I AM GOING TO GET STUCK IN THE CROWDS! I have to rush down to the mall in the morning, lest the shops are splling with customers. Kiasu-ism runs in my veins i guess.

Last but not least, to all the Christians

Merry Christmas!

And Goodwill to all men!

wah. u were not only tomorrow-ed and miyagi-ed , you were also today-ed! dec 7th issue. solid.

It's not just the non-Christians celebrating Christmas for all the wrong reasons. =( But there is something to the Christmas spirit that has nothing to do with religion. I find the time of year to be good encouragement to give back something to people who have been good to me or to do something nice for those less fortunate than myself. Surely everyone can benefit from encouragement to be kind and thoughtful.

All the shopping - yuck! I've been thinking lately about the best presents I've ever received, and none of them is a material thing. This year I'm getting what is likely the best present ever: family coming to visit. =)

Merry Christmas!

How about giving gifts? It's OK for everybody to give everybody gifts, right? :)

every year, my extended family gets together during christmas. the usual, you know? gift-exchanges and all. but i never saw it as a celebration of christmas.

perhaps it's because i'm getting older; but to me, NYDays, Xmases, and even CNYs are just perfect 'excuses' for people who matter to come together, and to celebrate that togetherness. that's precious too that way.:)

It's kinda like going to a birthday party of someone you don't know; some people just go for the partying and drinks. But it isn't so much that there are "right" and "wrong" reasons for celebrating -- after all, Jesus came for ALL of us ;) -- but that no matter how you may enjoy yourself, you would still have ultimately missed out on the privilege of meeting the very Person the celebration was for. :)

P.S. A very blessed Christmas to you too! :)

i do celebrate deepavali.

christmas is the snowed up version of valentine's day. commercialised and overrated.

but i am not dissing christmas. afterall, we all know its significance to us.

blessed christmas to you.

The cynical me says: blame whichever marketing bugger that came up with the idea of commercializing Christmas...Furthermore, in X-mas, X represents a random variable where what was formerly "Christ" can now be replaced by whichever god you believe in. Christ being replaceable...eurrgh, I'm sorry, but I think that extremely distasteful!

The more positive me, however, says: I think the fact that Christmas is so universal just highlights the fact that Jesus is so real-the feeling of his love that throws people into the spirit even though they might not understand where that spirit had come from!

You know Raymond, I think your split personality trait is beginning to rub off me a litle... XD

I hate crowds, no matter what kind of crowd it is. Good thing I don't really give presents for Christmas.

lynn: haha! yeah. because the columnist was Mr Miyagi!

Venitha: well actually it's true. A lot of the Christmas spirit has nothing to do with religion. I guess I'm just being nitpicky again...

I hate shopping during festive seasons! I mean it's never a 2 way street. Either there're great discouns and terrible crowds or vice versa.

Lynne: no problem with the gift exchanging! I love it of course. It's actually great. but I don't like the fact that all Christmas stands for now is merely excessive shopping and present giving. That's not what Christmas should be reduced to

BoY: I think it's the same case for me too! does it mean I'm getting older too? :D actually, my ( on the maternal side)family meets up every sunday, so generally I don't cherish the get-togethers so much.

Laughingcow: yeah. i'm sounding preachy here but Jesus is the reason for the season :D

lyn: you celebrate deepavali?! whatever for?

marcus: yes, i hate the word Christmas being replaced by Xmas! I mean what the heck does Xmas stand for. the Christ is the Christmas is the important thing after all.

zenith: crowds suck. end of story.

Oh... belated Merry Christmas! :P

Christmas at Orchard Road is beginning to get horrific with more snow. Snow as in the sprays which young punks use to attack their other kakis.

In fact, I even saw a lady with makeup weeping her way into a toilet - probably she was one of the innocent victims.

But damn... if this is going to be our national tradition (in which every Christmas Company Dinner in future would need a 'foam sabotage' segment) - I'll make sure I'm coming to dinner armed with pepper spray!

Anyway, Happy New Year! :)

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