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Sunday, September 26, 2004 

Love and Life?

Lynnie, haha, great that you have learnt to destress by going on retail therapy! Though retail therapy doesn't work for me at all ( I TOTALLY HATE SHOPPING TO THE CORE), it's great that u learn to have some self love and indulge in such luxuries once in a while! Haha... as for your social circle... Lyn, this may sound cliched, but really, manage your time well. Your bf may leave you (touch wood! hope u dun mind me saying, although i pray this won't happen), but your true friends, they're always with you, from the start to the end... Lyn... don't be discouraged also by this kind of feeling... many people at some points of time, will tend to feel ostracised from certain friends for whatever reason. Loneliness is the universal paradox. Be aware of that. NOt only u la, same applies to your group of friends, I'm sure all of them at some point of time would think that they're on the brink of the group. So do not be discouraged. This feeling you feel now about how you're losing friends due to your bf, it may be just a kind of short term feeling. It may even not be true.

Anyway, I want to publicly thank my cell group right now, because I think you're the best and coolest people I've ever met and I love each and everyone of you! I really do!

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