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Friday, November 12, 2004 

daphne is out... *heartbreaks*

dear members of the sylvester cult:

please go hang yourself/ jump off a building/ take an overdose of sleeping pills/ ________ (insert other modes of commiting suicide)*. a termination of the most obvious sign(s) of your brainlessness/ deafness/ blindness/ bad taste* is most appreciated and beneficial to the survival of the human race.

* circle where applicable

your sincerely,
president of the anti-moronic-over-talentless-singers club
(membership open to whoever wants to join)

brainless morons who squeal and faint over their idol (aka those who only look good and can't sing aka F4, energy, the list of tuneless boybands goes on...) should just go and brainwash themselves or something.. rid themselves of these trash and get started on something more purposeful, such as learning to keep quiet.

i realise i've been ranting alot about entertainment unlike those inspiring blogs which actually comment on political issues with a touch of class. well.. i may or may not venture into that really vast area called politics but that shall have to wait till my exams are over. till then, ta~

p/s: if any boyband fans want to shoot me for dissing their sacred idol(s) please feel free to flood my e-mail inbox (the email is real just in case you are skeptical. go ahead and try. i just don't want to give my main e-mail address out just in case i have to block an influx of moronic e-mails..) i'm interested in seeing whether you guys have a brain. don't bother trying to trash me if all you can say is "omg you suck cos you hate my wonderful idol sylvester/boyband/whoever", cos you're just proving my point. (amen to the genius who created the delete button.) once sent, your letter will become my property which i would have no qualms using to show the entire world your stupidity or your rare spark of intelligence. have a nice day.

ahem, F4 looks good? oh yah, of course they do! all of them were crowned beauty king/queen/in-between for Miss Transvestite for different years, right? the pageant's very prestigious, you know. the winner automatically wins the hearts of blind and tone-deaf bimbos. Oh, no, no, I mean, teenage girls who are more forgiving towards those who look less humanoid than average. (note: i don't have anything against the sexual minorities, just something, ie just about everything, against F4)


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