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Thursday, November 11, 2004 

Movies I wanna watch!

I have 3 GV movie vouchers left to clear before the end of the year, so I'm thinking I have to use them soon. I actually use most of my vouchers on my friends instead of myself. I think I only use like 50% of the vouchers I had on myself and the rest I use on my friends like Kenneth and Renzheng. I even treated Ian and Eugene ( my army friends in my old camp) to movie before. Shrek 2!!! Haha really cool show.

Movies I really really really want to watch:
5) Cellular ( heard Lynn giving it rave reviews... so I'll catch it using my GV voucher)
4) The Grudge ( coz got my droolicious Sarah Michelle Gellar! but in hindsight I may not coz reviewers slammed the show)
3) Maria Full of Grace ( This show is ending its run soon, I don't know if I got chance to watch it)
2) The Incredibles ( opening soon! Yesterday got the sneaks already at Lido... This one is MUST WATCH!!)

and on the top of my want to watch movie list, it's.....

1) Before Sunset

all right, I'm not attached now or neither am I deeply in love with anyone or what... but I love the concept for this show. It's a 80+ min show shot in real time. Which means it's slightly over 1 hr 20min and it's all like in real time... it's as if it's 1 hr 20min in real life. And it's mostly conversation between this guy and this gal. They talk about all sorts of stuff, like love, life and sex and relationships. The one thing that captivates me most about movies is not cinematography, not even the narrative style, but the DIALOGUE!!! I love dialogue and especially if it's witty and fun. So this show is a must must must watch for me.

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