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Friday, November 12, 2004 

Singapore Idol low-down

After watching last week's show, I was incredibly dejected and shattered with the decisions made by the public. The previous week I voted 5 times for Leandra! And the fact that she got kicked out last week just really crushed me. I really really like Leandra becoz I thought she had a great soulful voice and was really, really unique. And I also like the fact that she did the whole soul thing really well. Sigh. So sad she got kicked out. Last week the ever-terrible Sly just send shivers down my spine. YUCKS!!! When he sang I swear, I almost vomitted. And Justin Timberlake fans all around Singapore must be wanting to crucify Sly after his absolutely abysmal and dreadful rendition of JT's Rock Your body. And the whiney-voiced absolutely talentless Daphne ( although she's a little better than Sly to me) just really CMI with her version of R Kelly's and Celine Dion's I'm Your Angel.

This week, Asian Pop was a terrible genre. I think it was the most dry genre of all the weeks. Daphne was terrible as usual. I don't think I can stand her whining anymore. Syl was terrible singing David Tao's song. as for his 2nd song was only ok. Taufik and Olinda owned!!!

Finally, can someone explain to me why a moronic bastard like Ken Lim is allowed to judge the show? He thinks he's so intelligent when seriously all his comments are CRAP!!! What the hell is he even talking about on the show? And he's so blatantly biased towards Daphne and Sly that he just protects them all the time, and keeps slamming Taufik and Olinda. And what's with Olinda not being ready to become an idol?!!! She's anytime more ready than your Daphne and Sly!!! Ken Lim is the most moronic evil pestilence this world has ever seen.

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