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Sunday, November 07, 2004 

new target.

yes, after cooling off from anti-maia (i kinda miss her now) and anti-jerry sentiments, my new object of rant is....... sylvester sim.

i realise i run the risk of getting shot at by several members of the oh-so-honourable sylvester cult (omg it's not a club, it's a bloody cult!) and ardent fans of the following guys i'm about to diss... *holds up her right to freedom of speech on the internet*

sylvester, chrissypoo and andy joshua lim all make me realise one really important thing: singapore seriously has a lack of good looking guys for us girls to drool over (america has tom cruise and brad pitt &co, britain has hugh grant &co.. even from our good neighbour thailand we got utt and a few other cuties.. what do we have? tay ping hui?). and the few good lookers that actually call themselves singaporean are either attached or married (i.e. that lasalle sia dude miguel who was featured in one chinese variety show hosted by chong qing and belinda lee)

(not that i'm saying singapore has droolicious beauties either. miss universe and miss world sadly proved to us year after year that our little red dot could not make it anywhere significant on the beautiful people rankings.)

anyway, back to the target of this blogpost.

sylvester sylvester sylvester... you're SO hot that girls trip over their own two feet at the sight of you. you get them so worked up, some even desire ripping your clothes off you. wow, doesn't that put you in the same league as... i don't know.. william hung? ok, in terms of appeal to hormonally charged and blind females.

fortunately, you can sing. but only rock tunes. that was what saved you from the wrath of many who retained an ounce of musical sense when jerry was reigning on the throne of "most unpopular idol". and whilst jerry was crowned king of idol unpopulars, by some twisted stroke of good luck, you got yourself a cult and that saved your sorry ass from rising to the top immediately after jerry got booted out.

i never quite understood your appeal. if i do meet you on the streets, do enlighten me yah?


singapore. our lovely little island that produces good airports, governments, food, services (*rolls eyes*), education systems, breakthroughs in science, sentosa... impressive huh? i noted that there are a few areas that constantly evades our attempt at excellence - mostly in terms of entertainment:

  • popular musical talents - tang quartet may count but how many of you guys really heard them? anyway, this point shall be expanded in the following paragraphs

  • internationally acclaimed authors (catherine lim does not count)

  • internationally acclaimed theatre productions - all we can produce is plays on sex, sex and more sex despite government liberalisation and a beautiful esplanade constructed for our artistic pleasure. maybe those durian spikes popped every bubble of inspiration and boiled it down to the most primitive subject.
as i previously wrote, people dissed our talent shows, saying that we could never produce anything that can remotely create a ripple on the international music/acting scene. being the patriotic girl i am (i'm being sarcastic to the best of my ability), i wonder why is it that singapore could never make it big on the international entertainment scene.

true, we have our twin suns (stephanie sun and sun ho) in the chinese pop music scene; we had fann wong (fann who?) in hollywood alongside jackie chan (now, seriously, fann who?); we had countless talentimes and fame awards and threw out cccrush (previously a gibberish mouthful cherry chocolate candy) and triple noize and... the list of forgotten stars goes on.

e-mail someone who never been to our sunny island before and they will probably scratch their heads at these names. hell, some don't even know that singapore exists on the atlas.

now some are saying that singapore idol is not up to standard. even olinda and possibly taufik (who are undoubtedly the most talented and versatile of the motley lot) are apparently lack lustre when placed alongside their american counterparts.

at the end of the day, my burning question is: why can't we make it big in this aspect? is it (oh horror of horrors!) the singlish?

aiyoh. no wonder we cannot make it lah.

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