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Sunday, November 14, 2004 

Why is Syl not out?!

Really was supposed to put up a post on friday, but fell asleep and didn't. Today I was really out the whole day doing church stuff, elderly ministry and all and I just came back home! And by the time I'm home it's already past midnight, meaning it's Sunday! How time flies. 2 more days to the end of our long weekend. Sigh!

Today's attendance for dialect church wasn't fantastic, but still it was an improvement, so thank God. Service at Singapore Indoor Stadium was totally packed to the brim... we were all really like canned sardines in there coz it was so packed. But it was really great.

Anyway let me proceed on to the topic which i want to broach on: Singapore Idol.

Tragedy struck. Crap happens. Daphne's out. What a travesty. I mean I'm not a fan of hers... in fact I do not even think she's a good singer at all, no where near the league of Olinda, Jeassea, Taufik and Nana... But still I think she brought a kind of shine to the idol stage. Her effervescent cheerfulness was infectious and the joy she brought on to stage was commendabe. Her voice is way to whiney for me though. But the one thing that pisses me off more than anything else was the fact she lost out to Sylvester. Can anyone please explain the appeal of Sylvester to me?
*looks around hard for anwers*. Ok, Right.... I GEDDIT.... He can smile.... ok... can someone draw an equation here? Does smile = X-factor? No becuz what I'm reading in magazines is some silly dumb teenage girl saying that Sylvester really have the X-factor esp when he smiles. What the....?!!! Ok right, *smiles*... does that mean I have the X-factor too? Ok maybe yes. Haha. But that's such a simplistic mentality! Sylvester keeps going the same dumb fake routine where he will smile at the end and blink his eyes and do his lame rocker hand actions.

One word: PASSE.

Rockers don't do that anymore! That's for hip hop artists. And Sylvester is NOT hip hop. A rocker hopeful who comes across as too wannabe-ish. And who looks like a vampire. And sounds as thin as air. That's my summary of Sylvester. But oh well, kazillions of estrogen charged mentally challenged, Prince-Charming fantasising young teenage girls always tend to act irrationally when they see good looking guys they deem as friendly. Oh wait, Syl's not even good looking? Yucks! So can someone please explain to me his appeal? It's really bewildering.

gosh. one last sentence to end this post. Ken Lim sucks.

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