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Saturday, December 25, 2004 

I want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas!

All right, my thespian inclinations were exposed with incandescent clarity in my previous post with all my drama-mama rantings about my 2BFH. Haha, things aren't really that bad... but I just felt like ranting a little to get rid of some pent up frustration... though God has really sustained me and carried me on His arms these couple of days. He is indeed my strength, my rock, my refuge, my very present help in times of need. Anyway, today my Staff Sergeant ( for once I shan’t call him 2BFH) showed his magnanimous side when he offered me a lift to Parkway Parade (which is near my home). We had half day off today at camp due to Xmas, but my sergeant and I had to work overtime for about 1 hr+, and we missed the shuttle bus out of the camp. My 2BFH actually offered me a lift out! On his motorbike! Wow… I know I sound very swa ku, but really, it was an AWESOME experience!!! I’ve never sat a motorbike before and I just love the thrill of riding it… The wind blowing against you and you just zipping in and out of cars… Love it!!!

Anyway I was on leave on Thursday, and thank God it was approved at the last minute. Woke up at almost 9am... felt this visceral need to switch on my computer to do some much needed therapeutic blog surfing. So I went to visit Ms Beautifuk's site, Marcus's site, and some of the links on their blogs. The amount intellect you carry away after reading their blogs is just staggering. And most of their posts seem rather sincere so I enjoy reading them. But I must admit I'm sick of visiting some sites where some people posts all these elaborate, pretentious posts to impress people with their insight and linguistic flair, because at the end of the day they always fail to connect emotionally with their readers, and that is the essence of a good blog.
Ms Beautifuk's blog entries may come across as rather cynical and negative at times, but I do admire her derring-do attitude when it comes to expressing that bitch in her. haha. ( not that I like bitches).

After mustering every iota of my strength and creativity in my just-out-of-bed-too-lazy-to-move state, I decided to post up a few frivolous entries... I'm just too lazy to write anything more serious nowadays, including all my gripes with the horrible state of society and mankind. Haha. Chatted on msn for a short while with a few of my friends, then I got ready for lunch with my cell group member Alvin at Tampines Mall. So amazing how the morning just passes by. Was a little late in meeting him ( damn I need to do something about that vice of mine. procrastination and always being late!) but he was not in the slightest bit irritated. maybe 10min late to him was nothing. :D Ate at McDonalds with him, and indeed this bible verse resonated in the back of my mind… something about a small meal with great, wise people is better than a large feast with wicked people. Erm… I can’t exactly remember the verse, but you get the idea.

Alvin and I had a really really good talk. Shared a lot of stuff with him, let loose a lot of my emotional burden. Amazing how he coaxed me to share because the last thing I want is to open myself up to people cause I’m afraid to make myself vulnerable! I just hate making myself vulnerable and open, that’s why sometimes I find it so hard to share. Thank God as of late I’ve learnt a lot about opening up and sharing and learning also. Alvin shared some stuff with me too and I’m also quite inspired in some ways… really got me thinking about a lot of things. Amazing how much can happen in a short 1 hour lunch at McDonalds. I’m so grateful to God that I can finally share more openly with a Christian friend! At least now there’s room for mutual edification. Pro 17:17 and Pro 27:17 keeps ringing in my head. I really, really like talking with him. Anyway we later proceeded to GV to watch Kung Fu Hustle. The movie was darn hilarious. I laughed non stop even though I told Alvin that I would definitely not try to laugh too loudly. Haha I still laughed loudly… but luckily not too loudly that anyone would get annoyed. The fighting scenes are AWESOME. The choreography for the fighting scenes were done by Yuen Wo Ping ( The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and it was radical!!! I really really really really want to learn martial arts. Haha. Of course I know what I see on television is totally unrealistic, but I the aesthetic aspect to me is not as important as the adrenaline rush you get while sparring. The movie was just awesome.

After the movie, we parted ways, and I went to meet my aunt at Bugis Junction to buy my Xmas gifts. I headed IMMEDIATELY to 77th street. I guess I’m so predictable. My clothes are either from G2000, U2 or 77th street. And most of the time I’m wearing 77th street stuff, sometimes from head to toe, including my bag! She was so generous, and though I kept telling her I’ll pay part of the total cost, she insisted on paying for everything: 2 shirts, 1 super cool metallic belt, and 2 boxer shorts. Total cost: $89! Then later I met up with my cell group member Eunice to shop for another cell group member’s present for our gift exchange. That member was kind of the typical urban chick, always clad in Mango and Levis etc. That’s why I got such a headache thinking of what to buy for that friend of mine coz I think honestly I’ve NEVER stepped into Mango or Zara or whatever before. I’m hopeless at shopping sometimes coz I’ve totally no patience in shopping and I just want to get done with it ASAP. That’s why when I shop, all I do is head down to 77th Street! It’s always the same thing. Haha. Sue me! Finally, after a really long, exhausting search for the present, we settled for a T shirt at Fox Women’s. I realized that after shopping with Eunice, I actually now know a lot of shop names and where the shops are. Like, I didn’t know there was a top shop at Seiyu at all. Coz I never ever bother looking at stuff from Seiyu at all! Everytime I go out, all I look at are:
1) 77th street stuff or hip street wear stuff at Bugis Edge or The Annex at Heeren
2) CDs at any music shop, though my favourite is HMV.
3) Books at any bookshop, my favourite being Kinokuniya.
4) Any delicious pastry or desert or ice cream stall.
5) Exercise gear for future use for jogging/tennis/gym


Ok, so about today, after booking out of camp and going back home, I took a really shiok nap in the afternoon, woke up after 2 hours, took a cab and rushed down to the Singapore Indoor Stadium where my church was holding its Christmas celebration. The queue was so amazingly long… grrr the bigger my church gets, the more kiasu the people become. People were queuing up as early as 2+pm!! What madness! The service was AWESOME because the presence of God was really in the place. I love singing O Holy Night. Such a Christmassy song. The dance item was phenomenal and blew me away. Those dancers also performed at Orchard Park on the 21st and performed at Orchard Park after today’s service and they blew everyone off down there. After the altar call was given, I went down to the front since I was a counselor and I was supposed to pray for new friends who responded to the altar call. That’s when I saw Li Nanxing! I was so amazed that he was also joining in the whole celebration and singing “I want to wish you a Merry Christmas”! Then he walked past me! That’s the closest I’ve actually gotten to a star!!! He was just like beside me!!! Oh man I sound so swa ku. Never got so close to such a big star before. But seeing a star in church, that’s just doubly awesome.

After the service, moi church friends and I headed down to Bugis and makan-ed there. Then we headed to Can Café… which is actually a bit similar to a pub… and we were just chilling there. I love chilling with my friends! It’s the best thing to do in the world!
A-iite, gotta catch some shut eye now. Update you guys more on my weekend tomorrow. Sorry for the boring post!! :D


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