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Friday, December 24, 2004 

its christmas again..

pardon the long lag in my blog posts. been addicted to a new game, maplestory so yeah. less irritating and more cute than gunbound. mindless whacking nonetheless. =p

that aside, the fact dawns on me just today.
christmas is tomorrow. or by the time of my blogpost, it should be in a few minutes time... uhhhh... yeah.

is it just me or does christmas just feel like a chore that marks the coming of the year end? it's the time when you start planning what to write in your new year resolution, it is the time when you start buying presents with that year end bonuses your parents earned... it's that time...

i used to be so excited over christmas. unfortunately i feel an inverse relationship between my age and enthusiasm for christmas. we do not even bother with the christmas tree or the logcakes anymore. and those gaily wrapped presents? nahhh. save the trees. just give the present to me.

i am not really sure of my objective in writing this post.

nevertheless, merry christmas everyone. may you enjoy this special day.

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