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Monday, November 22, 2004 

Just some blabbering about some random stuff.

All right, today my 2nd boss from hell reported sick outside, and according to my sergeant, that's the first time he's doing so in like 6-7 months. That's amazing. Today it was so much more stress free coz he wasn't around to order us around... and it was so much more noise-free. Didn't have to see his irritating black face around. But ironically today when he was not around, there were SOOO many problems with all the vehicles and there were so many breakdowns, my two sergeants ( both regulars) and I were literally rushing around the place. I didn't even have time for breakfast, though admittedly I did slack around while doing my stuff. Haha. Today Changi Defence Squadron ( I'm in Changi Naval Base) went on their exercise Praxis so they requested lotsa vehicles from us and I think there is going to be a lot of problems arising in the next few days. Oh well. Just deal with it. I'll face everyday with a positive attitude. Tomorrow is the bible conference! So excited! The message is going to be great, and can see my cell group mates again.

Quite grateful to God because of his faithfulness to me. Although I haven't really been praying for the salvation of my family every single day, I have actually prayed and fasted about it a couple of times. And God actually responded and now my cousin's saved! Even my grandma impressed by the stuff I do for my Elderly ministry in church.

Also really glad that I've really found it easier to share lotsa stuff with Eunice, my cell group member. She also shares a lot of stuff with me, so it's kind of a mutual thing. Really glad for our friendship. And I'm so really happy she's doing so well with her eye candy. Of late, she's really been on cloud 9. She's always so ecstatic whenever she talks about him and keeps swooning non stop! Grrr... girl, you have to chill!

Quite happy as of late I've been contacting some of my ex-sch mates. Of late, I've been in touch with Tuan Hee, one of my good friends in JC ( one of the few people I can really call my friends in JC. My JC life was absolutely pathetic. I was such a loser socially! Haha)... I remember he, Kenneth and I... the 3 musketeers in our class....man, all those memories I had! Also, I've again been regularly sms-ing one of my best friends Xiuzhi ( former classmates in sec3-4 and still one of my best friends). Also, Caleb, who once used to be my best friend, now still a really good friend of mine, and my friend of 13 years, has been bugging me to go cycling with him. He's enlisting soon and he's finished his poly le. All the best, bro! You can do it! And it's time for ya to shed some weight!

Still a little worried about the tension between Jiajin and Pamela. Both seem to be really busy, and a few weeks ago there seems to be some misunderstanding... or maybe Jiajin really did wrong Pamela. But both of them are my really good friends, and I want things to turn out fine. Jiajin or Pamela, if you're reading this, I hope you guys settle whatever differences there are between the both of you.. Jiajin I hope you will be truthful to your friends... if you've done anything wrong... be a man and admit it!

Alvin, my wonderful cell group member, is having his block leave during the last 2 weeks of December. The first thing he did was tell Sharon my dear cell group leader that whatever help the church needs with anything, just buzz him. Man, that guy never fails to amaze me with his incredible attitude of servanthood. Speaking about ministry, I'm really really really tempted to join the sound ministry, because it's been one of my interests, besides choir and drama. But for some inexplicable reason, I don't see myself on the choir platform anytime soon, so no, I won't be joining choir most likely. I guess I'll probably stick to dialect ministry for a few more months. It's a great ministry I like but it's only the time schedule that's the major problem. It's giving me a terrible headache. Renzheng keeps asking us to join the choir! Anyway Dale is considering Percussion, Choir, and children's church. Somehow I feel he'll fit in best in Children's Church... haha I think the kids will love him because of his personality ( and also because he resembles Bao Qing Tian).

My cousin just asked me to help out Gracehaven. Gracehaven is like this home for children and teenagers at risk, whom mostly come from dysfunctional families. You can either volunteer by giving tuition, teaching music or doing other miscellaneous stuff, or you can be like in charge of 5 kids and start to mentor them, befriend them, talk to them, etc... and try to make them feel like they have a family. That is so cool! I don't know why but since I was in secondary school, I always had a passion for these children/young teenagers at risk. My cousin just started out and he's like the cell leader of 5 young teenagers... like those just going through puberty those kind... and he's trying to befriend 1 youth at risk and eventually trying to get him to church. That is so noble! And cool. Absolutely cool. I'm really really interested in helping out and once I've managed to balance my time schedule properly I'll definitely start volunteering.

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