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Sunday, November 21, 2004 

My first post in a long long looong time.

It's a been a loooong time guys! I'm really sorry to have disappointed my faithful readers but as of late, I've either been too busy, too tired, or too lazy to update my blog. I always have tons of stuff to write, but each time I'm in the midst of completing my post, I kinda lose my inspiration and suffer from writer's block. Haha. So anyway today I'm gonna discipline myself to sit down for at least 15min to think through what to say and type it out!

All right last week I had a few eventful activities. Last weekend, my church actually organized two really really special services at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. One was on saturday night, and before that I was serving for the Elderly ministry of my church and they had a special service at church also. By the time I rushed down to Singapore Indoor Stadium after sending my elderly members back to their estate (Chinatown), I was super exhausted. But service was great as usual. And it was the first time I was a counsellor!!! YESH!!!!! So happy my cgl Sharon actually gave me the opportunity. Thanks Sharon!!!Sunday morning woke up a little late ( actually it was 9am, quite early for normal people's standards, and yet a little late for service that dat), and had to take a cab down to SIS coz if not I'd be late for service. Pam and Lynn came with 2 of Pam's cousins! Haha that despite them going through their examinations... really glad. Pam's little cousin jaslyn added me on friendster. Haha. Also, Kenneth came to church and that was his first time in a loooong looong time! I'm also glad for him. Although I could tell he was really bored during the service. (I'm a little ashamed by saying this, but that day I found the message really dull too. I think it was coz I was just way too tired.)

After the service, Pam, Lynn and Pam's cousins left early. Kenneth stayed around a little longer before he had to go off for something. Anyway some of my cell group members stayed around for the carnival my church organized. It was really, really packed, and the queues to the rides were INCREDIBLY LONG. Gosh, I only used like 5 dollars out of my 20 dollar coupons. Gosh. What a waste. But praise God that on Sunday the weather was good enough for most of the rides to carry through... so yeah... and at least I had fun. I took 45 min to queue up for the trampoline bungee ride thingie!!! Oh man... that ride was really cool. A little frightening at first, but the feeling when u're like so high off the ground was just AWESOME.

Later on me Gabriel and Renzheng booked into our suite at Merchant Court hotel!!!! My aunt helped us get the suite for like 75 bucks when it usually costs a few hundred. Praise God for such a blessing! Thanks auntie Clara! in total 12 of us stayed overnight and there were just 4 girls I think that stayed overnight. the 8 guys had to make do with the sofas and the chairs to sleep! Luckily my aunt actually made special arrangements for another bed to be placed in the suite. So Dale ( Bao Qing Tian) and I shared the bed. Grr... it was so small! We had no space to toss and turn at all... but at least we had the blanket. The other guys didn't have it so easy. They were literally shivering to death in the middle of the night! Jingfa got up halfway and set it to the max temperature, which was 28 degrees. Haha... that was a wee bit too extreme! Anyway we played lotsa stuff there, Gabriel brought his PS2 so we played lotsa games... Eunice, Cass, Sharon, Gabriel, Renzheng and I had a really fun game of monopoly... though i was ganged up against!Unfair! *wails*

The day went by really quickly. The next day it was Monday morning already (public holiday due to Hari Raya Puasa) and Jingfa, Renzheng and I had a really great breakfast meal at the Merchant Court market cafe!!! Oh man. Yummilicous. We had another round of monopoly, then we watched New Police Story on Dvd... it's a great show! Then before we knew it, the long weekend's over. Grrr.

The 4 working days seemed to be a little longer than usual. My superiors were in a slightly better mood but on thursday and friday the mood changed drastically and it was incredibly stressful again. I just totally can't stand my big boss from hell because he's so temperamental. My direct IC which is the 2nd boss from hell is also a horrible person. My seniors keep telling me about him. Horrible guy man. Thank goodness most of the other people there are really nice, and they really genuinely make an effort to talk to me and get to know me... so i also do the same back to them.

This week, cg and service really rejuvenated me. Kinda disappointed Pam didn't turn up coz of her exams but Pam if you're reading this.... all the best... and keep shining... I'll try to keep you in my prayers whenever I remember. Anyway didn't serve in dialect church this week coz of my stupid flu which i contracted in the middle of the week. Everyone in my camp is getting sick coz of the incessant coughing going around and the germs spreading around. But I'll pray for strength and healing!

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