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Friday, November 19, 2004 


olinda is out. but she fulfilled what she promised herself:

that if she ever had to go, she'll go out gracefully - like leandra.

i can't think of anything to say.. too stunned by her exit (actually, not really since those stupid sly fans are so willing to spend a good proportion of their pocket money voting for him). too saddened by the realisation that i won't hear her sing on dec 1.

please excuse me while i cry for olinda.

[edit at 22:04]
after ranting with my friend about olinda's unwarranted boot, we came up with a surefire way to hit it big in singapore idol 2 (yes we're so going to audition. *sweet smile* oh wait.. i'm supposed to not know how to smile. *brave attempt at twitching the lips* =] ) thus, here i present to you the marilyn and berton's (that's my friend's name) surefire way to make it big on singapore idol checklist!

  • go into the contest with *no* knowledge of how to smile. =) (opps.. not supposed to smile) =]

  • when the judges (especially ken lim) states that you've got the same problem as him, make a weak attempt to twitch your lips and wink at the audience (*look ma! i *know* how to smile! =D )

  • try to rock and screech your way through the song. it doesn't matter if you messed it up since your smile =) will ensure the votes rolling in for you.

  • mess up your diction. like, "kiss" for "keeesh" and "everybody" for "every money". your cult would totally adore it. (come to think of it, so would the rest of the world. quaint huh?)

  • appear in the competition with hair dyed in the colours of the rainbows. it would be best if you appear like a cute shiz-tsu puppy one night and a black labrador the next. you're cute, you're lovable, you're VOTABLE.

  • and don't forget to smile. =)
i'll add more when i think of it. too distraught to even continue revision. =(


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