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Sunday, November 21, 2004 

Just some miscellaneous stuff.

I love Gelare's thick shake. It's a milk shake but u can blend it with different ice cream flavours. there's a thin shake and a thick shake and I always order a thick shake so I get to choose 3 different ice cream flavours. It's totally droolicious and yummilicious! I love it to the core. But one large cup ( which u take less than 5-10 min to finish) costs like $7.40. so damn, it does make me a much poorer person after the drink.

My uncle just told me grandma that he saw me helping the elderly at Chinatown. My grandma's impressed! Migosh I didn't even know about it until my Christian aunt told me about it... she told me that my grandma was actually quite impressed that I got this kind of "ai xin" (caring heart) towards the elderly. Hehe. So I guess it's a slight change of heart on her part... because I think she may start to see Christ working in me and may be more open to Christianity. Well, this is a baby step, but every step counts, yeah? And my cousin who used to be super irritating last time actually converted to a Christian!!! OH MAN!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for him. sososososoos happy.

Today, caught Taxi with Renzheng and Jingfa after lunch with the cell group. Really nice show. It's totally hilarious!!! I laughed my butts off. And the car chase scenes were SOOOO cool. And even more than that, the actress who acted as the Brazilian thief was Gisele Bundchen!!!! For those of you who are unenlightened, she's one of the world's top supermodels and she's one of the Victoria's Secret models along with Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. But if you ask me, she's the hottest among the 3! She's sooooo hot.

Also on saturday morning, I watched the dvd I rented, Last Life in the universe. It's totally amazing! Anyone who has the opportunity should watch it. I've not caught so many of the movies which i said I wanted to watch in my blog entry a few weeks ago. So I've just compiled a new list.

Top 5 movies I wanna watch:
5. Birth
4. Ocean's 12 (coming out soon!!!)
3. Blade 3 ( coming ou soon!!!)
2. Before Sunset ( ending it's run soon. and I just got hold of the vcd of the prequel, Before Sunrise, at just $9.90!!!)
1. The Incredibles!

Top 3 vcd/dvds I wanna rent or buy:
3: buffy the vampire slayer and Angel episodes on dvd
2: Any Oscar winning movie.
1: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! ( although I watched it, but it's sooo good and it left such a strong impression on me that I just HAVE TO buy the dvd!)

Top few songs that never leaves my head:
City Harvest Church --- To Harvest ( really nice song composed by my church)
Britney Spears -- My Prerogative
Nelly ft. Tim McGraw --- Over and over again
Bill Withers --- Ain't No Sunshine... ( really old song, from the Notting Hill soundtrack, in fact last time never heard of it before... but after Taufik Batisah performed it on Singapore Idol, I just HAD TO download it. It's great great great. And I think Taufik's version was even better.)

To end off this post, to the goons out there who vote for Sylvester Sim dutifully, loyally and obsessively, I can only group them into 3 groups.
1) tone deaf ah lians/ ah bengs
2) tone deaf , dumb, silly, teenage girls
3) tone deaf, dumb, idiotic gay men.

Don't you guys just agree? I just can't get his appeal. Taufik rocks. I just LOVE his style. He's such a natural performer and has such an incredible, soulful voice. His rendition of Ain't No Sunshine just blew me away!

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